Christopher W. Turner

     September 2011 – June 2012
Lead Artist at Tagged Inc.
  • Assisting Art Director in managing game teams, and providing artistic guidance and oversight for team members. Production times per game were only 4 months, so it was imperative to keep art production organized and efficient. I was responsible for providing style and technology research, estimates, scheduling, and produce artwork and animations for the Tagged game products.
November 2010 – August 2011
Art Director (Contract) for TurnOut Ventures (A division of Turner Entertainment).
  • Artistic oversight and localization of Earth Eternal ( a browser based free to play MMO ) for remote production in Hong Kong and Japan. I scheduled and oversaw the localization and updating of art assets and UI using remote production companies.
February 2008 – August 2010
Art Director for Sparkplay Media.
  • General artistic oversight and guidance for Earth Eternal, a browser based free to play MMO. I guided a team of artists to create the visuals for the entire game world, balancing time alloted and resources available to achieve the highest quality possible. This included the concepting and creation of props and weapons, creatures and effects, game zones and environments. I collaborated closely with the Lead Designer to make sure the art and gameplay worked well together.
February 2005 – April 2007
Art Director for Lamplighter Studios.
  • Artistic oversight on multiple simultaneous projects, utilizing both local and overseas artist groups. It was imperative to stay true to the vision and style set by the client, and produce quality artwork in a timely manner. Several times stepping in myself to lend a hand to achieve top quality artwork when a project was in it’s last few days of production. Project types ranged from animated Flash games, Cell Phone games, direct to DVD character animation, and 3D assets for “Next Gen” video games.
August 2004 – February 2005
Senior 3D Character Animator for Toys for Bob.
  • Senior 3D animator on a Playstation 2 game “Madagascar”, which has been a critical success in the children’s entertainment market. I was responsible for rigging and animating the zebra character, “Marty.” This involved both gameplay and cut scene animation that required good comedic timing, and strong personality acting.
Feb 2003 - August 2004
Senior 3D Character Animator at Stormfront Studios.
  • 3D animator on a Playstation 2 game "Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone" scheduled for release in Fall 2004. Responsible for animating real-time 3D characters for both gameplay and in game cinematics (cutscenes), and rigging my own characters. The animations involve realistic motion and acting, as well as convincing dialog and character interactions. Also responsible for assisting the Lead Animator in overseeing the Junior Animators, and working with the programming and design staff on technical issues.
June 2002 - Feb 2003
3D Character Animator at Big Ape Productions.
  • 3D animator on Playstation 2 game "CDM". Responsible for animating real-time 3D characters for a fighting style game. Many moves entail a great deal of humor and well timed animations, including some real-time cinematic style pieces.
  • 3D animator on Playstation 2 game "JFH". On this title, I animated characters in a "comic book" style, giving personality to animations that could be read clearly at a distance.
Aug 2000 - June 2002
Freelance Artist/Animator
List of Contracts:
Dec 1996 - Aug 2000
Lead Artist and 2D/3D animator at Lucas Learning Ltd.
  • Lead Artist on 'Star Wars Early Learning: Activity Center'. This position entailed establishing art and animation style, designing interfaces, scheduling timeframes for the delivery of art assets, and supervising the work of the artist on the project. It also required that I work with the Lead Programmer and Lead Art Tech to ensure smooth art delivery, and work with the Project Leader on interface and design issues.
  • 2D/3D Animator and Character Designer on 'Yoda's Challenge'. This position required me to animate 2D and 3D characters and to create and design some of the characters.
  • 3D animator, Modeler, and Critter Designer on 'Gungan Frontier'. I modeled, textured, enveloped, and animated a number of creatures and plants in Softimage.
Aug 1995 - Dec 1996
2D Animator at Living Books, a Random House/Broderbund company
  • Main character animation, incidental character animation, and character design for the CD-ROM 'Stellaluna'.
  • Character animation, and gag writing for 'Eager Ogre's Counting Pet Show'.


3D Skills
Maya: Animation, Modeling, Texturing, and Character Setup.
3D Studio Max: Animation, Modeling, Texturing, and Character Setup.
Softimage: Animation, Modeling, Texturing.
- Creating and optimizing normal, specular, diffuse, ambient occlusion, and parallax maps.

Software Skills
3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Softimage, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.

2D Skills
I am proficient at Character Design, Conceptual Design, Illustration, UI Design, and Layout


1990 - 1995        Sheridan College        Oakville, Ontario. Canada
Certificate in Classical Animation
Certificate in Art Fundamentals

Interests and

In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding, hiking, drawing, cooking, or just sitting and reading a book. I have an interest in foreign films and animations, and playing the odd video game.

References available upon request